Measuring the Human EMR

Finding the right words to describe things has been a goal of mine for some time

Measuring the Human EMR

Measuring the Human EMR: as a writer, its a common preoccupation. Some very lucky writers (like me) have the words come to them, and the hard work comes in finding the rest.

I’d like to start this post with an apology. Kalikapsychosis does not shy away from an apology when its needed, and this wont be the first or last time I issue one. I would like to apologise to anyone who read my post ‘Aura’ in ‘Spells and magick’ category,
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Because I have been using the wrong words. Both Kman and modern media can take some of the blame, but given that I started using the terms without investigating them properly means that the apology is solely mine.

For some time now I have been using EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) to describe the human energy vibration, otherwise known as Aura. It has come to my attention that the term I am actually meaning to use in that same instance is EMR for ElectroMagnetic Radiation. I say sorry to anyone who used the term after hearing it from me, or took understandings from it that were not meant.

To clarify

I equate the human electromagnetic radiation with the human aura. They are one and the same, there is no difference between them. The word ‘Aura’ has been mismanged just as badly as the word ‘God’, and until we strip these words back to their original meanings, without the social inflections they suggest, no one is going to get anywhere, or worse, they will be going completely in the wrong direction.

Where did I come across this information?

This information might surprise you – Kleo has joined the JREF (James Randi Educational Foundation) Forum. I was wandering around in Yahoo Answers – where you will find Little Kleo spending quite a bit of time – answering the paranormal questions, when someone mentioned the million dollar Randi prize, and how no one has ever claimed it.

I vaguely remembered something about it, so I must have heard of it, but on my quest to understand the spiritual in a scientific way I decided I must look into this, particularly, the applications, and see why no one has claimed it.

There is a vast misunderstanding between the psychic world and the scientific world, and it pains me greatly, because it doesnt need to be there. Its obvious that they are quite threatened by each other, which is ridiculous, because they are after the exact same thing – knowledge – and they are even taking remarkably similar steps to get there.

So I had a read over some claims

Some, I found interesting, but were rejected by the foundation (such as Iris Kaschubowski, who claims to talk to the animals) and I found that a little unfair, but at the end of the day, its their million, their rules. Any applicant who doesnt fit the criteria wont be accepted. Other claims were downright ridiculous. But the key issue is this.

To create what is scientifically accepted as supernatural or paranormal phenomena, the psychic must be in full control of their own EMR. They must be disciplined, knowledgeable, calm and have great humility. They must have an intricate knowledge of how their EMR impacts on others around them and be completely sure of the seen and the unseen world.

No one who has contacted the foundation has had these qualities. No one. None of the applicants even seem to have the most basic understanding of the otherworld or how it interacts with this one. Now, there are people I know who tick SOME of those boxes, and they would never enter because they know EMR is capricious at the best of times and they dont want to be made a fool of, they dont want their beliefs questioned when the majority of it is faith. This is only looked at as SPECIAL PLEADING and I want to eradicate that term – I want to prove that all the hocus pocus has its place in science. All these years, I thought it was the psychics barring the way, saying how their world was special and science could not intrude upon it lest it diminish its shimmer. Imagine my surprise to join the forum, and find it was not the psychics after all, but the scientists.

My thread was titled ‘would you agree that energy is not static?

using a deliberate word play, trying to make a point about EMR being the same as the aura. Of course, I was saying EMP and was quickly blooded for it – but that was the point of diving in. To find out, exactly where the points of contention are and begin to ease them away.

Would you believe it took 3 pages of me trying to explain my point (in very clumsy laymans terms) and them telling me nothing I was talking about existed, before I started googling terms. More than once I was told auras dont exist, chakras dont exist, there is no device that can measure the energy you are talking about, because it doesnt exist. The amount of ‘whys’ were confusing me, because I thought the basis of scientific formula was ‘just because’.

Well guess what

A scientist DID invent a machine for measuring the human EMR, and it is called a SQUID (superconducting Quantum Interface Device) and everything I talked about in that thread is entirely plausible. A person directing energy through their chakras, or stimulating the nerve centres the chakras connect to, could be measured with the SQUID. A persons attempt to use telekineses could be measured with the SQUID. Ghosts could be measured with a SQUID. And for 3 pages, I was told these things did not exist, when all I was looking for were these simple, scientific terms.

On science measuring the human EMR and its effects

I didnt join the forum to talk about the supernatural things that have happened to me, because I know that nothing I have could be considered proof. Thats okay, even though I was goaded many times. I certainly did not expect so many cheap shots when I hadnt given any of my own. If I had stood up and said, “Im a sorceress and I can prove it” I would have expected to be ripped to shreds, but starting a philosophical discussion, admitting from the get go that I did not have the correct language, well, lets just say from educated people, I expected a lot more. The only time Ive seen closed mindedness like that is on religious threads, and yes, they defend their creed as if it were the bible, and with the exact same infection. Its really disappionting.

But it shows me exactly what Im up against. And the higher they lift their principles, the further they will have to come crashing down when the impossible finally happens. But that is not even my intention.

I do intend to take the JREF challenge. But I would not enter the olympics without rigorous training, thus I will not undertake such testing without some serious work. More ritual and meditation can in the end only do me good, even if my goal is to use my EMR in way that was never intended in a humans hard wiring. I know that re routing the energy is going to damage me, probably quite significantly, but the fact remains –

I have turned skeptics into believers in under 5 minutes. I have had completely scientifically minded people concentrating their EMR and fall into a childlike winder over the sensation of it. Ive seen lightbulbs explode, heard manic laughter and seen grown men who said ghosts didnt exist beg and cry and scream for me to make it stop. If anyone who knew me would dare to hold a seance with me, I could replicate that experiment every day of the week.

But in the end, it wont be the science minded who hate me, it will be the psychics. Because Im not oogy boogying my way into their world to rock it with spiritual power. Im crawling in, submissive like, on my belly, asking them to teach me, because then I can show them exactly how to explain and categorize the spirit world using their own language.

Anyone can develop these abilities, and really what I want to know is, why dont they? AQnd even people who train for years still cant do certain things, and so another question we could answer with the right testing, is, why not?