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Kalikapsychosis - "Perfection is what its about. When you can feel, the perfection, of creation. The beauty of physics, the wonder of mathematics all the elation of action, and reaction, and that is the kind of perfection that I want to be connected to" - Sam, hooked into the data stream

Meet the Fowl

February 11th 2013 07:42
Id like to take a moment to do a full update on the fowl family. Regular readers of my blog have seen it wax and wane over the years, and at the moment it is waxing fuller than it has ever been.

First, the chickens. Meet Shiela (Australianis Chick)

Shiela was purchased from Parklea Markets late Aug. A scruffy, pied, $5 bargain, I simply had to have the blackest one, not knowing she would indeed be true black as an adult. Shiela has become a great friend of mine, and often sits with me on the back step observing the flock. She is named Shiela - original form, operation duck SHIELD - because she is a brash bold Auzzie chick still capable of sweet and demure moments. She lays me many eggs. Except when pining for the rooster next door.

Meet Sheena (Goldenus Chickus)

Sheena was purchased mid Sept simply as a friend for Shiela. I dearly wanted to name her Shazza, to have 2 auzzie chicks, but golden Sheen she became. Sheen loves a cuddle, so long as nobody is watching.

Now for the ducks. All my regular readers have met Wist (Drakus supremus), I presume?

I wonder if any regular readers are left who would remember his birth, a weekend after easter in 2007. Wist is named for a dragon - A FEMALE dragon - who becomes crystalline, merged with her twin sister and becomes a gateway to another world. I assumed something so gorgeous and dainty HAD to be female, but I was so wrong. Wist is all too male, especially now he has girls to think of. He breeds the females constantly, herds them to shelter if there is danger, or if its bedtime. He always comes to the sound of my voice and is my precious little duck man.

Piper. (Micros daintius)

Many of you will remember Pipers birth in Dec 2011. These posts can easily be found by going back a few pages in my 'animals' category. Piper was such a special aquisition for me, I named her for one of my all time favourite characters - vital, powerful and long lived, Piper has so far lived up to the fiesty-ness and economy of her namesake,

...And occasionally shows signs of the same nuerosis.....

Wist's harem, commonly referred to as The Big Girls were all named for amazon queens due to their size compared to Wist. My favourite is Varia (Loudus Big Beakus).

Varia is named for the fiery amazon queen from Xena who rules with an iron fist and would do anything for her sisters - right down to killing one of them. She is my favourite simply because of her resemblence to the Pacific Blacks.

Syanne (Mommest Duckus)

Syanne is named for the amazon queen who was also a shamaness. I have changed the spelling a little simply because I prefer S to C. Syanne has taken to sitting on the nest full time, no matter whose eggs might be within.

Ephiny (Escapinus experticus)

Ephiny is named for the most often see queen in Xena - which is a strange paralelle, Ephinny being the least seen by ME! This duck is an escape artist supreme, who didnt bother Kman at all over the weekend, but on both Friday and Thurs afternoon, disappeared into the orchard, nearly going over to next door. Today when I wandered up the property to fix a fence Zayfe had tampered with, I found her in the market gardens! Its bad enough she gets herself into danger, but to involve her innocent sister Varia is extremely devious. Interesting point - Ephinny has blue eyes, the only duck Ive ever seen with eyes other than brown.

Theres my updated fowl family, we have been trying for baby ducks since early November, when we finally get some, you will be the first to know!

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Comment by katyzzz

February 11th 2013 08:39
Great stuff, keep it goin' gal

Comment by Kleonaptra

February 11th 2013 10:43
Thanks Katyzzz, I'll get up some pics of my newest visitor.

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